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Balloons By Renee - Balloon Decorators

Balloon Columns

A Balloon Column is simply that, a column of balloons, or, more correctly, a column made by packing clusters of balloons on top of one another. But, in reality, a balloon column is much more than that. It is also the basis for a multitude of spectacular balloon designs.
A basic balloon column can be a decoration on its own. You can have them in single colors, swirled in 2-5 colors, or a burst of colors using many different shades and patterns. They can be topped with either latex or mylar balloons to create an eye catching effect, great for a themed event or convention. Balloon columns, topped with fantasy clouds filled with smaller balloons make a beautiful addition to romantic wedding décor. They can be used for an exciting entrance feature, or as the cornerstones of a fantasy canopy over the dance floor.
To create an elegant walkway, simply line the path with balloon columns. A photo opportunity framed with balloon columns supporting a String of Pearls Balloon Arch will add excitement to all of your event photographs. You can even build an arch between two columns made from balloons spelling the name of your guest of honor or organization.
Balloon Columns also form the basis of many swirled balloon arches. Like balloon arches, balloon columns can be air filled on framework or helium filled. As with balloon arches on a framework, an air filled balloon column can last several weeks, whereas a helium filled balloon column is normally only good for the day, but a helium filled column can be made much bigger and can be made to fly for outside use. The same concerns about climate apply as for helium filled outdoor balloon arches.
Another value of balloon columns is as the body of simple children's characters. In this respect they help to create very budget friendly additions to children's parties. And don't forget the real 'balloon tree', the balloon palm tree made from a variation on a column topped with fantastic mylar balloon fronds.
Simply said, the balloon column is the foundation of great balloon décor.