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Balloons By Renee - Balloon Decorators

Balloon Clusters

Balloon Clusters can be many different things to different people. A balloon cluster can be any grouping of 2 or more balloons, and can often be known by different names. The most common 'cluster' of balloons is used as a table decoration and consists of 2 or more balloons tied with ribbon and arranged on some form decorative weight, and placed in the center of a table. This balloon cluster has no limitation when it comes to colors, and there are many pre-printed designs for just about any occasion. A balloon cluster isn't just for on a table. Floor Clusters, also sometimes called 'balloon trees' are a valuable addition to any room décor. This is a balloon cluster made with longer ribbons and, often, more balloons, though not always. This type of balloon cluster is great value because it can be used, for example, by the doors, as people arrive, to create an entrance feature. Then, once everyone has arrived, the balloons can easily be carried in to the room and used as a part of the main décor as well.
A balloon cluster doesn't have to be made of latex balloons. A mylar balloon cluster can look spectacular. For extra effect jumbo mylar floor clusters, using 3ft balloons, are amazing. The standard size mylar balloon clusters (18" mylars) can be made using round, heart and star shaped mylar balloons in fantastic vibrant colors. Not only stunning to look at, mylar balloon clusters can easily last up to a week, sometimes longer. Balloon clusters can also be a combination of latex and mylar to spectacular effect, and as well as for decorating events are often used as bouquets for deliveries to celebrate events like birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, new home, new job, or just to say you care!