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Balloons By Renee - Balloon Decorators

Balloon Arches

Balloon Arches are a simple way of making an entrance spectacular. A balloon arch can be one two distinctly different types:
Swirled Balloon Arch
This is a balloon arch made of latex balloons, tightly packed in clusters to form a bold and substantial looking arch. This balloon arch can be made in many colors, however, to have a swirl pattern you can only have a maximum of 4, (sometimes 5) although 2 or three will also work. You can have this type of arch in several other types of pattern, thereby enabling you to use many different colors for, as an example, a block pattern.
A swirled balloon arch can be either helium filled or air filled and built on a framework, the best method depends on the circumstances. An air filled balloon arch, built on a framework, indoors, will last, not just days, but weeks, depending on the environment. Naturally they can sustain damage from foot traffic, but, if left alone, they are very long lasting.
A helium filled, swirled balloon arch has a shorter life, usually one day, however, helium filling will enable the arch to be built much bigger, and so this type of arch often gets used outdoors. In Florida the climate is a concern when building a helium filled balloon arch outdoors, so be aware that the balloons are affected by extremes of temperature, wind and rain.
String of Pearls Balloon Arch
This balloon arch is a simple, but effective, form of balloon arch. A single line of helium filled balloons weighted at each end to create a balloon arch. The color combinations are endless and they can be made to almost any size. The String of Pearls balloon arch can also create patterns and effects by using more than one arch at a time. A row of identical arches placed in front of each other will forma a balloon arch tunnel for your guests to enter through, great for a spectacular entrance. The use of several String of Pearls balloon arches, side by side, with offset arches in front, in a large room, can create an attractive pattern, or, graduated sizes of balloon arches can form an unusual tunnel entrance. A very effective use of the String of Pearls balloon arch is to take two arches and criss cross them over a dance floor to form a canopy, great for Weddings, Quinceaneras, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, and all celebration parties. Another form of String of Pearls balloon arch is the mylar balloon arch. This is another exciting variation on the arch using the spectacular color effects of mylar balloons in either round, star or heart shapes.
Indoors or outdoors, single or multiple, the Balloon Arch is a wonderful way to decorate with balloons!